big pictures are composed of small details

It’s just before Christmas in 2018 and, although the sun still appears to shine here in Australia, the warning signs in terms of the ‘big picture’ are there and are stark notwithstanding the comforting mumbling of our politicians.

The problem with the ‘big picture’ is that there are so many ‘big pictures’ that it’s hard to know on what to focus. That this mental conflict is deliberately manufactured is another story and to pretend that there are no conspiracies is to deny that there is a reason that the word exists at all.

For years I’ve understood that the financial ‘big picture’ has as its framework the fraudulent practices of Central Banking – privately owned and owing no allegiance to any nation. Printing money out of thin air should need no great intelligence to understand that this is a nonsense and ultimately unsustainable. Nonetheless it exists as does the nonsense of ‘Banks too big to fail’ – too big to fail and therefore the taxpayer bails them out and thus those same banks have no reason to change practice.

I watch the Keiser Report for financial education and D.F.A. with Martin North for Australian financial sense. It’s not that I have any wealth to protect but rather that I’m part of this society, quiet though that part be, and what is of concern to the many is also of concern to me.

The big picture with technology, 5G, smart meters and their negative health impacts, none of which our governments address, the poison chalice and the ‘unforseen consequences’ which they will carry.

Back in my hippie days – hippy daze – I was happy to see myself as a citizen of the world. The phrase doesn’t mean anything. I don’t define myself by occupation or sexual preference, nor by position in society nor by religious or political persuasion. I’m a ‘human being’ first and foremost, subject to changing beliefs as information comes to hand. That history is written by the victor means that it’s, at best, a limited view.

As an aside but it is to the point in respect to history, there is a King Arthur, a real person, and you can, as I did, find reference to him in the Llandaff Charters. He was a king of Glamorgan in South Wales. The Charters detail gifts of land by various kings to various bishops. It’s revealing that the bishop around at the time of Arthur gets a mention in wikipedia as does Arthur’s father, grandfather and son but Arthur gets no mention at all. British early history is concocted, changed to suit purposes that have no regard for truth.

Got the washing on and it’s a beautiful day here in which my neighbour and I will go for a walk. That the sun shining will dry out the land and contribute to an already ominous bushfire season is just part of a bigger picture which I can’t allow to infect my general sense of well being. I’ll go quiet here for awhile, basically because I’ve nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said. Cheers and a happy Christmas.


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