Brother, wherefore art thou

He’s a fierce warrior – for the truth. Reminds me of Groucho Marx but dressed in Russian Orthodox robes. Just checked as to whether he’s Greek or Russian Orthodox, not that it matters to me, and found that he’s described as an anti-semite which probably explains why youtube have now a warning message before I can watch a short video of his on ‘Why I left Judaism.’

Brother Nathanael. There’s no hatred, just his personal story of a later conversion to Christianity. What a state of affairs when speaking your mind becomes a crime against humanity. ‘Someone’ got offended and youtube goes with the flow and that flow would have us all as mindless consumers, contentedly browsing our devices.

I’m a citizen not a consumer but citizen rarely gets a mention in a world where capitalism has morphed into a disease, one called corporate capitalism, where corporations are multi-national, know no borders and pay tiny amounts of tax while touting themselves as … what? … your friend and mine?

I watch ‘Israeli News Live’ which is run by another man converted and who keeps a keen eye on what is happening, seen through the prism of prophetic understanding. Whether that understanding is correct only time will tell but he is sympathetic to Israel which I am not – not while their seventy years of peace talks with the Palestinians fizzle into nonsense while the two state option is stealthily removed as a practical option because there is now just a few puddles of land left for the Palestinians to occupy.

No hatred here – look at the map and see the reality. Who has the power? One side throws stones and occasional rockets while the other fires bullets, makes airstrikes, controls water, borders and all access to and fro and continues to steal land.

Anti- Semite? – no – I don’t like bullies who tout themselves as victims. Why should this be a problem, an issue, except of course to the bully.

People are people, essentially there’s no damn difference except within our mentality. My Jewish neighbour knows this just as I do. We like each other. There’s no agenda.  

There is no theatre without conflict, there is no humour without someone getting offended. As for discrimination – not judgement but discrimination, they’re not the same thing … do I spend my free time with speed freaks, smack addicts, thieves or religious and political bigots… no … I discriminate just as I should … does that cause offence … I don’t care … it’s a nonsense just as political correctness is a nonsense.

 Offended? It’s a necessary part of life. Truth is offensive.