Israel is no-one's ally

There will be no Palestine if Israel’s Prime Minister has his way. Annex more territory and ‘be damned’ with the Balfour Declaration, be damned with any pretence of a two state solution to … what? …. ‘the Palestinian Problem.’ Is there an echo of the recent past?

History replays and the Chosen People and the Master Race are interchangeable. Zionism is fascism with different clothing. There are many Rabbis who’d agree.

This isn’t about ‘The Jews’ – how could it be when Judaism is as riven with schism as all religions. It’s not about religion or race but it is about political ideology which is what Zionism is.

Zealots and fanatics aren’t confined to the fringes of society. Often they occupy central and powerful positions and the common thread in behaviour is summed up with ‘By any and all means necessary.’

This is Israel’s position and it has nothing to do with God and everything to do with Earthly kingdoms. It’s a potent brew and leads, as always, to eventual destruction.

There is a map showing the land area of Palestine divided into Jewish and Palestinian territory. It’s well known because it changes and keeps changing and in every instance the Palestinian area shrinks.

What a mockery Israel makes of peace processes and the notion of fair play and they continue with the pretence that they and not the Palestinians are victims.

It stinks to high heaven but that’s of no concern to those who seek worldly kingdoms.