look here, look there - it's continuous

Apart from using Google Earth in a very interesting manner and, by using the timeline slider tool and perspective, showing that there’s more to Antarctica than meets the eye or makes the news, ‘Florida Maquis’ has, for months, been showing a build up of forces around Venezuela.

Ah … yet another ‘regime change’ being promoted by the U.S.A. who have managed, by the use of sanctions, to help beggar that country which happens to have huge oil reserves. Has it been mismanaged – almost certainly so but the leader there was elected and the U.S.A. and its allies have no right to interfere and promote ‘their man’ into office. They do it anyway with a complete disregard for ‘democracy or freedom.’

James Corbett has a good video on the subject which I place below.

As an aside and regarding Google Earth and Antarctica, the detail there and available now is less than many years ago. I recently heard one of Linda Moulton Howe’s interviews in which the Beardmore Glacier was referenced and, being curious, I looked it up and used the time slider tool to try and get some detail. Go under 200 kms height and it’s pixilated. I went lower, used the time slider tool and a message popped up which told me that Google thought that this was either unusual or unauthorised use – I forget which – and to please prove that I’m not a robot. Well – of course I am a robot – have been for years - and even though I played their game I got no further.

Useful though it can be, I don’t like google and use it as little as possible. You could try to access 75 0 46.98 S  0 4 52.71 E and see what you find. It’s unrelated to Beardmore Glacier and if you get nowhere I’ve three grainy photos uploaded on this site which are curious to say the least.

Ian Crane speaks uncommon sense regarding the European Union and the dog’s breakfast of Brexit and I place a video of his below.

What these seemingly disparate subjects have in common is a lack of transparency and an agenda most would not approve of. Poor grammar I know but it’s ‘English as it’s spoken.’