rain - and the garden turns green within days

“Where do you get your information from?” 

It wasn’t asked in a combative manner, more of a gentle enquiry. 

The subject at hand was consensus in science and my point is that there is no such thing as consensus in science – science is no more settled now than it was when Galileo stunned the orthodoxy of his times. 

Consensus – does it mean ‘a vague general agreement’ or is it specific, detailed, raw data available, able to be replicated? I don’t know – what’s the consensus on that? 

A dentist is a dentist, a plumber a plumber – they’re specialists and ideally they’re ethical and good at their job but it doesn’t take more than a few decades of life experience to know that ‘ideally’ isn’t reality. Same holds true in every profession yet scientists largely escape this sceptical scrutiny. 

Science isn’t dentistry or plumbing – it’s a bigger field with room for research and multiple areas of speciality. It’s physics, geology, chemistry, archaeology – not necessarily fields that overlap anymore than dentistry and plumbing connect. 

To become a Professor – or so it seems to me – requires that you’ve worked within the accepted parameters of whatever discipline you’ve chosen. If true then it’s the status quo in which you stand rather than the uncomfortable cutting edge. It doesn’t indicate a closed mind but if new information makes your professorship outdated, defunct, worthless then there’s a vested interest in denying the evidence and/or attacking the messenger. 

I’m old enough to have seen this happen in the academic world in relation to Velikovsky’s work. It’s a shameful story but, thankfully, his works are still readily available while the handful of academics who tried to effectively destroy him – who knows what became of them. 

Funnily enough it was Velikovsky and his detailed evidence of a cataclysmic past which show climate change at a solar system level. This understanding is in stark contrast to the cosy idea, fostered by western education, that ‘not much has happened – after all, evolution takes millions of years.’ Perhaps it does but it doesn’t follow that those millions of years were uneventful. 

So it’s dogmatic statements such as ‘97% of climate scientists agree …’ which has me questioning EVERY aspect of that study. Was it a rigorous study or a vague questionnaire sent out via the internet. 

These things matter to me and, more to the point, I have the time to research – sounds great but really it just means I go looking – I don’t much care for the names of the bit part players, it’s the truth of the matter which is of concern. 

The next generation down from me are in their forties. There are things in my memory which mean nothing to them. Never heard of Climategate and perhaps don’t know of Watergate. 

Climategate involved the disclosure of emails which detailed the massaging of figures to fit a climate warming trend. It’s in the public domain but I really do appreciate that most of humanity, regardless of outward appearance, are facing tough times and don’t have the time nor inclination to do anything other than accept that the experts being touted about are probably right. 

Local and world political leaders sound the alarm but it’s not about the pollution caused by multi-national mining companies created in countries which somehow don’t matter and hurt people without a voice, not about the island of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, the obscenity of fracking or the safety or otherwise of 5G technology, smart meters and the like – no – it’s CO2 and a money making opportunity with carbon trading. 

Well – even if CO2 turns out to be not such a big deal and even if there was a massaging of temperature figures, does that really matter if it makes the world wake up to the extent of the problem? 

It does if it’s based on a lie. 

Surely if I’m correct then this would be, by now, revealed? It is but the accepted narrative via mainstream media won’t present the evidence. Why would they? Doesn’t mean they’re part of a conspiracy but – they go with the flow, don’t rock the boat and know where their pay check comes from. 

“Where do you get your information from?” 

I’ve found Tony Heller a very good source regarding climate fraud and found Suspicious Observers who talk space weather, electric universe and ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

Yes - ‘things I have no understanding of.’ 

That’s a bloody big field.