the shadow of that day - towers gone, shadow remains

Synchronicity – a ‘thankyou‘ in the mail for a small donation to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth arrived which coincided with a youtube recommendation leading to the video below. 

It’s clear that the truth regarding THE event which changed the world and has led to unending wars was … engineered … and not by some bearded terrorists who could barely fly a Cessna. 

It may be clear to me but questioning the official narrative isn’t popular with most of my extended family, some of whom grew truculent at the very idea that there was anything to question at all. 

As the years go by it becomes apparent that, while I was fifty when 9/11 happened, many now living weren’t born or were small children and thus have no context regarding that day nor any obvious reason to look more deeply. 

This video is short and a quick scan of the comments bears out my thoughts. It’s sad and I’ve no wish to provoke conflict so I just added the bland comment below. 9/11 still matters and will always matter, horrible in implication though the truth may be. 

“How raw, how close to tears that pilot is while reliving that day. Much the same for millions of us. It was late night here in Australia when the defining event of our times unfolded. I watched for hours, Twin Towers fell and then Building 7. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks have recently finished a four year study into the collapse of Building 7 – a building most are unaware of. 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth – why would such an organisation need to exist – continue their sober assessments of every detail regarding those towers and their collapse. The truth is unpalatable.”