things are heating up and temperature is but one way of measurement

Manufactured events, false flags … even prophecy can be contrived. Perhaps it can’t on some deeper level but there any many zealots, religious and political, who’ve read their prophecies and are attempting to nudge events towards the fulfilment of this or that outcome.

So many aspects to 9/11 which bear close attention. What it received was minimal and cursory to the extent that the crime scene was being trucked away before the rubble had cooled – shipped to China where detailed examination disappeared.

It hasn’t received the appropriate attention other than from such groups as ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ who find cause to question the mechanics of building collapse and whose answers are evidential and contradict the official narrative.

The pilots who testify to the extreme level of skill needed to hit a skyscraper, a skill not possessed by the bearded terrorists who served as patsies and many of whom are alive and well.

An enterprise of that magnitude needs meticulous planning whether done by terrorists from within or without.

The Pentagon, surrounded by high tech cameras yet not one frame showing a plane streaking towards the Pentagon. Not one.

Cell phone conversations coming from hijacked planes when that technology didn’t yet exist within the public sphere.

The War Games which were in effect on that particular day – of all days - and prevented a coherent response from a confused air force uncertain as to whether or not the hijackings were real.

The lack of bodies or wreckage at Shanksville.

The point being that every detail of those events have been studied in minute detail and, importantly, by people who’ve got better ways to use their time than look for conspiracy where none exists.

The Project for a New American Century lists the countries in the Middle East in which ‘regime change’ was needed in order to maintain American pre-eminence.

Regime change invariably requires war, the inevitable result being destroyed societies and millions of refugees which is exactly what we have now.

I awoke yesterday to the news that this period of time is the hottest for two thousand years … ice cores and the study of tree rings apparently give us temperature. Neither show temperature and tree ring growth, while useful to indicate conditions conducive to growth or otherwise, are not available across the world or across such a period of time.

Al Gore called his mentor, Roger Revelle, the Father of Global Warming, senile when Roger finally accepted that the research was flawed. It hasn’t stopped CO2 being used as a indicator of disaster and this, in turn, allows for a carbon trading scheme to operate in which much money can be made on a worldwide basis and which, again in turn, demands another level of bureaucratic control.

Climate change is real and much of it is tied to the behaviour of our star, the sun, which has cyclic activity not tied in the slightest to human activity.

But scientists say …. yes … scientists say many things – see how well the tobacco industry used scientists to prove smoking was not a health issue.

A short video below about temperature.

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