whether or not it's the weather

When the power goes off, ceases to work, it takes perhaps a day and a half before almost everything grinds to a halt. No power for ATM’s, no power to pump the gas, little or no mobile phone coverage, no power to charge the phones. 

Lack of power and the problems cascade and escalate. No drinking water… 

The blame starts and it’s grim. People are talking in code. Weather isn’t part of the conversation, it’s always ‘climate change’ and any questioning of what climate change encompasses is shouted down in no different a manner than a school yard exchange of anger and insult. 

The Sydney Observatory has over a hundred years of temperature records – not hard to find. Can’t help but wonder why no-one appears to use those records. Worth noting that weather stations were not in use uniformly across the continent, they were primarily on the east coast with almost nothing recording the temperatures in the hot centre of the country. This must skew the overall temperature graph because the hot centre is now included. 

My point is not that I’m a climate expert but that I’m happy to look, to check and that’s a damn sight more than most are prepared to do. 

We’ve got bushfires razing the land. We’re in a long drought in a continent renowned for drought, there’s no point in demanding that the Prime Minister ‘do something’ – are the activities of the sun within man’s control? Climate isn’t just CO2. 

Another day of heat coming up and the self righteous, almost religious dogma and fervour sweeping through the media just adds to it. 

Alas, alack, temperatures are not readily available for ‘records broken’ and the like. There are, of course, newspaper records available through a National Library of Australia site called TROVE. 

Anyway enough of the climate … literal and otherwise.