sometimes, most of the time

Something’s wrong with this picture. It’s not ‘failure of intelligence’ and not incompetence which presents me with a world crumbling before my eyes.

Cleverer minds than mine are at work continuing with agendas designed to change reality as it’s experienced at every level of society. 

Psychopaths rule.

I continue to support those who would bring to light the events surrounding 9/11. It’s a dead issue for most yet the reverberations include the destruction of Middle East countries and waves of refugees … and it’s all planned, there’s no conspiracy when it’s out in the open for those who care to look.

‘The truth will set you free’ – of what I’m not too sure. Illusion, delusion perhaps.

There was an incantation, vaguely recalled from my Catholic childhood, which started with ‘I believe …. ‘ but belief isn’t knowledge and although I have much that I unconsciously believe it’s knowing which matters.

How much CO2 is in the atmosphere? Not much – 0.04% - the Treeferns love the stuff as does all vegetation. Worth investigating why the focus, why the International Panel on Climate Change takes no account of the Sun, our local star, and its well known solar cycles all of which affect our climate.

I don’t believe – not without doing my own investigation and then belief becomes knowledge. It doesn’t make me a better person but it matters.

Virtual reality isn’t reality.