a letter to our local paper

I don’t know the extent of my ignorance because I don’t know what it is that I don’t know. 

Space is limited here, in this newspaper, but that’s not the case in the wider solar system and beyond. At school, decades back, I was taught that space is a vacuum, by nature empty, but it actually seethes with electrically charged particles both outgoing from the sun and incoming from the galaxy through which we move. 

In terms of understanding, we move from a gravitational model to an electric universe and unless this is factored into climate studies we haven’t a hope of determining what is natural variability and what is human activity induced. 

Why would questioning aspects of climate studies make me a ‘denier’? Science is based on continual questioning. 

The climate IS changing, materially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and what coal miner wouldn’t be happy to see solar panels on every roof. 

Climate change is a bit more nuanced than ‘Alarmist or Denier’ whereas pollution is right in front of us and floating in islands of plastic in the Pacific. It all demands action and attention. Not much money to be made there but surely worth the effort to clean it up and to change the way we treat the planet.