Did 'shock and awe' make Building 7 disappear?

“Reincarnation of living Buddhas including the Dalai Lama must comply with Chinese laws.” ... so says an article put out by the Chinese embassy in the Republic of Iceland during 2020. 

Hmm … from a political party which disavows spirituality and raises its present leader to Emperor status … almost godlike but … the Emperor has no clothes. 

Perhaps the story of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ isn’t familiar within China. 

That ‘Party line’ approach to that which is divine, that which sustained Chinese culture through times of good and atrocious emperors alike is obscenely cynical. 

I don’t know whether there’s any real difference between the 1984 dystopian future offered by a Chinese system of total surveillance, social credit scores along with the obligatory ‘Big Brother’ sinister overtones and what is appearing before all of us as …. a combination of ‘Brave New World’ and ‘1984’ approaches, one that few asked for and which gives us much the same as that which those novels indicated. 

 ‘Maximise profit’ is the mantra of all corporate entities which is why I instinctively turn away from that lust which knows few bounds. Globalism, to me, has come to mean a corporate capitalism where a world-wide Uber economy prevails. It’s what already exists. It provides no hope. 

The following quote has stuck in the back of my mind for .. ages. It’s a niggle made all the more pertinent because of the deeply divisive times in which we live. 

Did CIA Director William Casey really say, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”? 

According to Barbara Honegger, 

“I am the source for this quote, which was indeed said by CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration. The meeting was in the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, not far from the Cabinet Room. I was present at the meeting as Assistant to the chief domestic policy adviser to the President. Casey first told Reagan that he had been astonished to discover that over 80 percent of the 'intelligence' that the analysis side of the CIA produced was based on open public sources like newspapers and magazines. As he did to all the other secretaries of their departments and agencies, Reagan asked what he saw as his goal as director for the CIA, to which he replied with this quote, which I recorded in my notes of the meeting as he said it. Shortly thereafter I told Senior White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, who was a close friend and colleague, who in turn made it public.” 

I watched a very informative documentary about the CIA – “Inside the CIA – On Company Business.” which dovetailed with the information given by John Perkins in his book ‘Confessions of an Economic hitman.’ 

It’s a lurid title for a book but its contents detail involvement in the ‘shaping’ of South American governments to suit U.S. purposes. 

I have these thoughts in my mind, how very little is ‘accidental’ in world affairs, how fragile all our societies have become. 

Point being that Empire is Empire where the same tools are used whether it’s dressed in the fine garments of the Republic or the Party. 

Meanwhile real effects cascade out from the virus, from societies through the Middle East already destroyed by … manipulated shenanigans. 

2021 is already a catastrophe for many. 

And yet and thankfully, I’m moved by a street busker who sings so beautifully that the hair stands up on my arms. 

Meanwhile diversity is embraced but only if one’s views agree with the prevailing narrative. ‘Political correctness’ is an abysmal mindset in which free speech is shut down rather than debated. That approach doesn’t solve anything and, ultimately, you can’t legislate to make people like or tolerate each other. 

What happened to ‘I have a dream … where people are judged by the content of their character …’ 

There is no differentiation made between personality and character – not that I’m sure that there ever was.

no offence intended.