Grevious bodily calm

The quietly busy office of the Curator of Removed Monuments is next door but one to the dimly lit office of the Keeper of Lost Causes. In between is the office of Conspiracies and Belief Systems. Outside lies the Graveyard of Unwanted Statues. Filling up fast. 

There really is a Curator of Unwanted Monuments, it was briefly mentioned in the news today, the rest is fantasy … perhaps. 

It’s Spring here and the winter rains have been sufficient to green  the land. Nature doesn’t miss a beat and while the Magnolia has decided not to bloom, to go straight to leaf, and to have a rest this year, the Tree-Fern garden is full of flower already. 

Elsewhere and otherwise, It feels as though the world is holding its breath. Hard to do if you’re wearing a mask. I don’t like them. It’s a primitive and sensible reaction – I like to look when I’m seeing people – masks get in the way. I wear a mask when I must.

Weather patterns are extreme. Not here, not at the moment but, like everything, subject to change at a moment’s notice. 

Here in Australia withIn the financial world, the world of jobs and real estate and ‘Where are we going on holiday?’ – if only we could afford one - it’s the calm before the storm and only ‘calm’ because of government help which ends soon. 

The Keeper of Lost Causes mourns – it goes with the territory. So many causes, righteous but lying dusty, unrecognised, bloodied and battered, too many distractions with too many immediate concerns to bring visitors to this office. 

Mental Health is much in the news – how to maintain it. I don’t know. I have a personal goal musically which helps. It’s just to ‘improve’ which, of course, implies practice. Walking and gardening make a difference for me. 

“Grievous bodily calm …” in his excitement, the reporter didn’t quite get the words right and it made me smile but it certainly presents an image reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, the Ministry of Truth with Newspeak and Doublethink.   

The slogans that this virus has thrown up – ‘Staying apart keeps us together’ – this would be a nonsense but for the pandemic. 

Big Brother is now a well established reality t.v. show not different in essence to the ‘real’ Big Brother of 1984 fame although the consequences are at present different. And via our devices Big Brother IS watching and certainly recording the data with China showing the world how to capture a population beyond the dreams of any previous Emperor. The difference, from then to now, being the diminishing ability to entertain freedom of thought and, if fortunate, experience freedom of expression. Big Brother is not and never was benign. 

‘Peace for our time.’ said Neville Chamberlain, waving a piece of paper, just prior to World War 2 and now Israel trumpets the same lie in respect to Middle East recognition from Arab neighbours whose countries didn’t exist in present form when Israel started its present incarnation. No peace deals with the Palestinians offered so – nothing to applaud which doesn’t sound hollow. 

A video below with James Corbett, researcher extraordinaire, and well worth your time.