more music

A bit disappointing that the Gearin Hotel cancelled their acoustic/roots nights but ‘such is life’ as Ned Kelly so succinctly put it. I’ve been away to my friends farm which had been unlived in for awhile. As the farm’s never been finished in terms of internal walls, the presence of a black snake - which slithered behind some odds and ends - required what turned out to be a huge clean up. Never found the black snake which, although poisonous, is generally a bit timid compared to brown snakes. The clean up was very much appreciated and gave my back a good work out. I also got the time and space to work on the next group of songs that I want to record. Much to my delight, Bob Spencer is happy to again produce and to add his remarkable creative effort to the final mix. The last cd took four years from ‘go to whoa’ - no-one’s fault - life got in the way. This cd should come together without much fuss and I hope we’ll be underway sometime early-ish next year. To have a listen to his music, you'll find a taste at I should make it clear that, while Bob wouldn't be involved if he didn't like the songs, I am a client of Bob for this purpose and I certainly don't want to give the impression that he and I are ' in a band ' together. He is 'up there' musically and has a lifetime of achievement in music while I'm a quiet, working bloke who writes a few songs each year and am still trying to hold a plectrum without it rolling round in my fingers.... both of us have a good sense of humour and probably share the same values. Perhaps that says it all and I can leave it at that.