too hot here, too cold elsewhere

Too hot, heat wave after heatwave and record snowfalls elsewhere in the world. It’s disconcerting that so many politicians dismiss climate change with the narrow and blinkered observation, airily expressed, that we’ve always had climate change as if that observation somehow settled the matter.

There’s very little in the scientific world which is settled and there are many who’ve declared that there’s nothing left to discover, or words to that effect, only to find that they were wrong.

The Thunderbolts Project has been making the case, with a great deal of academic inertia standing in the way, that the Universe is electric, that there is connection between the activity of our sun and with weather on this planet. I don’t pretend to understand everything said but it’s not difficult to see parallels between plasma activity as witnessed in a laboratory and the landscape scarring evident on Mars and elsewhere.

Short video below.