Violating Community Guidelines

“a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

So leads off the remarkable Tony Heller in a youtube post- perhaps he’ll be closed down - for he, gosh, golly, has ‘violated community guidelines.’ 

It stinks to high heaven, odious it is to live through a time when ‘truth and falsehood’ are words rarely used. We get the mealy mouthed ‘alternative facts’ when there’s no such thing. There are facts and additional facts which then may change perception but they’re not alternative. 

That we’ve been lied to isn’t hard to accept. There’s never any talk of ‘corruption theory’ – it’s laughable when all know that corruption exists to then call it a theory. 

Why isn’t it so with conspiracy. All know that conspiracies have always existed – no theory about it yet it serves the purpose of those who would confuse their population to add the word ‘theory’ whenever a conspiracy is uncovered. 

Straight after 9/11 that twit of a president George W. read what his handlers had decreed – words to the effect – ‘Let’s have no talk of conspiracy theories.’ and the tragic consequences unfold with a tame, compliant media mouthing the same platitudinous nonsense. 

In the olden days, before the internet, much was hidden or just difficult to find and people wrote letters to the editor of their local newspaper about subjects which moved them. Not that they all get printed. My last one didn’t. Nothing too dreadful but not printed. 

And as for youtube – they’ve age restricted two of my videos neither of which shows anything more than one would find on the evening news. 

It was covid restrictions and mandates here in Australia which prompted me to write. 

It is as follows: 

Awhile ago the Gazette printed a letter from a man who’d had his first vaccine but nonetheless had many questions unanswered in respect to Covid. I found myself slightly uplifted because he’d written and because you’d printed. 

Later, a letter from a couple who’d decided not to get vaccinated and again, slightly uplifted that they’d cared to write and that you had printed. 

I’m double vaccinated – can’t work without it - but there’s been an element of coercion which may have had justification when rates of vaccination were low – the ‘common good’ element – but what we have now is a two tiered society in which the unvaccinated cannot fully participate in society. 

This cannot stand without comment. 

Bluntly, who stands to suffer most if the disease is caught and, as much to the point, what right does ‘society’ have to demand that we’re injected, perhaps for years, and mandate a ‘no jab – no job.’ approach as if this somehow resolves the situation. 

It doesn’t resolve it. 

Sincerely David Griffith 

As for Tony Heller – he continues his good work on these platforms:

And while it's there on youtube