where is Palestine after a lifetime of peace process?

The time is just past seventy – for me - and the clock is stopped at various points where it mattered. The Balfour Declaration comes to mind – the document in which the British government of the day saw no problem with the aspirations of Zionist Jews who wanted Jews to be settled in Palestine as long as the Palestinians weren’t disadvantaged. A gentleman’s agreement which stood no chance of being realised. 

As events unfolded so the Palestinians have been continuously treated as sub human and confined to the ghetto of the Gaza Strip and what is now left of the West Bank. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 has since seen no attempt at a two state resolution or any semblance of a peace process and with Israel holding all the power and constantly playing victim to the larger world few dare look at the issue with clarity. 

The truth of the matter is that the Palestinians are an obstacle to a wider Jewish State in much the same way as the Germans of a previous generation saw the Jews. How this glaring parallel is not made more of is testament to the power of the Zionist State – I make a distinction, many religious Jews find the Zionist State of Israel contrary to their beliefs … it is God who restores the Jews to the Holy land and not some political version of Judaism who decided not to wait but to contrive events to achieve a similar end. 

It’s froth and bubble and yet it’s not. It's obscene.

Israel a Democracy? Another lie - as is a great deal of what passes for the news. Cognitive dissonance plagues the World. 

Meanwhile in a garden far far away … a quiet blues in E.