yesterday, today and tomorrow

Amid the covid back and forth there’s always the ‘Meanwhile ….’ 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth persevere in their efforts while N.I.S.T. prevaricate – it’s an issue which will not die, nor should it. There’s an obvious truth, unpalatable but undeniable, controlled demolition of Building 7 as proved by the four year study done by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, has hideous implication. 

There’s nothing new to share regarding ‘world view’ and why it’s held. Velikovsky’s marvellous books, vividly written describing a cataclysmic past, ‘Worlds in Collision’ and ‘Earth in Upheaval’ – quite contrary to the cosy world view in which nothing much happens over aeons although extinction events do occur, helped form a new appreciation of our place in the galaxy. A busy place, full of energy. 

From this comes the Electric Universe, an idea – more than that – which hasn’t quite burst onto the public consciousness. 

‘Suspicious Observers’ have put together an excellent video which is displayed below. Climate gets a mention. 

‘Dark Journalist’ has a channel which covers many of the topics which interest me. Deep State, U.F.O. material, interesting connections. This video is a good introduction. 


It’s been a delight to find that the work of Wilson and Blackett hasn’t been extinguished and that Ross Broadstock of ‘BritishHiddenHistory’ on youtube has picked up the torch and challenge. 

I gain a great deal from these voices and the many more who cross my path, stay awhile, move on. 

Best wishes. I leave it at that.