"two minutes of truth, of bitter truth"

It was a brief mention on the ABC radio only heard once but enough for me to look it up. ‘Carbon footprint’ is a phrase that we recognise but from where that wicked phrase came isn’t recognised. Here is what I found and quoting Wiki. 

“The use of household carbon footprint calculators originated when oil producer BP hired Ogilvy to create an "effective propaganda" campaign to shift responsibility of climate change-causing pollution away from the corporations and institutions that created a society where carbon emissions are unavoidable and onto personal lifestyle choices. The term "carbon footprint" was also popularized by BP.” 

That was a surprise to learn but not totally unexpected. 

The state of the changing climate is not your fault. The fact that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change hasn’t recognised the immense part that our star, the sun, plays when ‘climate modelling’ is undertaken beggars belief but so it is. There is no such thing as ‘Scientific consensus’ nor does ‘The science is settled’ hold any meaning. As for being a ‘Climate Denier’ – define it. It’s another phrase used to stifle questioning. 

So many threads make up a tapestry. Here is one which relates to the European Union – two minutes, not too long even in an age of thirty second attention spans.