the sky is crying

The sky is crying but that’s perception, reality says it’s raining.

Another hideous mass murder, this time in New Zealand, perpetrated by a white supremacist, an idiot motivated by hatred and an ‘idiot’ because we’re all just human beings …. but humans ‘being’ what?

Belief is strong, colours perception, creates a world view, moves us to action - but if the belief is false? Any fool can be destructive, it takes much more to be constructive.

Terrorist attacks are so often referred to, in the media, as ‘a lone wolf operation’ and it’s a dreadful mistake in reporting – it glamorises the perpetrator and is offensive to wolves let alone to those attacked. Wolves have courage, terrorists don’t.

Much of my life - and it’s the same for most of us - has been taken up with the struggle for existence, paying bills, working or looking for work, responsibilities and dealing with my own inadequacies. The wider aspects of life, the political machinations of world and local powers weren’t much in focus. The events of 9/11 changed the world and utterly changed both my focus and my understanding of world events. That and an understanding of ‘where the money comes from and who controls it’ now becomes the rather horrible fabric which is the backdrop to all our lives whether we understand that impact or not.

James Corbett’s ‘Century of Enslavement’ gives an excellent history of the Federal Reserve and the system of Central Banking which now controls all economies.

As for 9/11 … I witnessed the events of that day, through the dead of night on this side of the world, observed the inconsistencies and when the Twin Towers collapsed into their own footprint closely followed by Building 7 which wasn’t hit by any airplane and all three buildings fell at ‘near as damn it’ free fall speed, I knew with dreadful certainty that some form of controlled demolition was involved.

I wasn’t alone in my perception. It didn’t take long before architects and engineers started questioning the official story. They were followed by pilots and various specialists all of whom had issues with the official story. I’ve spent years researching or more truthfully following the detailed research of those same specialists. It’s almost a ‘never ending’ story and it will not die or disappear.

Recently, the Farsight Institute, a remote viewing entity, have investigated the events of 9/11 and made those results public. It’s interesting and validates the questioning of the official story. Unlike the work of ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth’ which is precise and factual, the remote viewing exercise is of a different order but need not be dismissed because it’s ‘unusual.’

The sky is still crying and will do so for days to come.

The remote viewing video is placed below this post.



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