remembering 9/11 

Architects, Engineers for ‘9/11 Truth.’ 

Who cares and what particular ‘truth.’ If there’s nothing to question about the official story then why do these thousands of professionals continue to present evidence to a generally uncaring world as if it really matters.

It does matter. It’s the defining event of this century, millions dead, societies destroyed, the world changed in its course and the whole event manipulated to arouse ‘shock and awe’ in the American population who, up until that day, had no interest in the foreign wars so desired by the hawks within the U.S. administration.

The Project for a New American Century lays out what events were needed in order for American to retain its pre-eminent position in the world.

Evil men in positions of power … not evil in their own minds perhaps but … ‘by their fruits you shall know them.’

Following the evidence IS the scientific method. It’s unpalatable but there it is ………….‘Lest we forget……..’

'YES' to the Voice 

Apart from suspicion that it may not work or that Treaty and Truth Telling have greater importance it's hard to see quite why there's opposition to a YES vote in the upcoming referendum here in Australia.

For Australians.

I can do better than this – I can be better than this. When I arrived in this land over fifty years ago it was as an immigrant. If this isn’t part of your family story then you’re Aboriginal, the Original people, the ones our ancestors pretended didn’t count for anything. 

“In 1962 the Australian Parliament passed a landmark Act to give all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the option to enrol and vote in federal elections. But it was not until 1984 that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were finally treated like other voters and required to enrol and vote in elections.”

In 1975 I had the rare opportunity to work and live, 24 hours a day for about three months, with two groups of tribal men who were brought together by the Arts Council of N.S.W. with the aim and purpose of bringing some sense of Aboriginal culture to Primary schools across N.S.W. It was a profound and somewhat heart breaking experience.

“Culture? Where are their cathedrals?” – this echoes my dad’s understanding of Aboriginal culture – if you can’t see it in the material world then it doesn’t exist. He saw a broken people without having any understanding of what actions by our ancestors led to the situation now existing. Strange indeed as the substance in his ceremonies isn’t visible either.

They’re not a broken people but trauma with all its attending aspects can’t be denied and it’s inter-generational. This is something that many of us know and endure.

The last twenty years or so of my working life was within the Disability field in which I was a key worker – I advocated for my clients and did so with an intimate understanding of their needs and wants.

Who better to advocate for Aboriginal people than an advisory body made up of Aboriginal people with that same intimate knowledge of needs and wants. 

Do they speak with one voice? No more than any other group of human beings but that shouldn’t be reason to deny that voice the chance to exist and speak.

We can do better than that.

the Federal Reserve - from whence it came 

It was Eustace Mullins who introduced me to the history of the Federal Reserve. G.Edward Griffin wrote 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' which added detail for me but it's been James Corbett who delves deep enough to correct errors in the narrative.

It's a great shame that Bandzoogle don't support media other than youtube in a simple manner so the link is provided. If you're not familiar with James you could also look for ‘The Corbett Report.’

I've long wanted to present his meticulous work.

Aboriginal Australia and 'The Voice.' 

These are the key points. The case for YES is clear and I will vote accordingly. The case for NO isn’t clear and the key points can be countered which I’ll attempt to do.



  • The Voice was recommended after a years-long engagement with Indigenous communities across Australia.
  • Indigenous people should have a say in policies that affect them.
  • If the government listens to Indigenous people as it creates policies about them, the policies will be better.
  • It will be permanent, and future governments won't be able to remove it.
  • Ensuring the Voice can speak to "executive government" means its central role is entrenched, regardless of future governments.
  • It will be gender equal and include youth members, meaning more voices from Indigenous communities will be heard.
  • It has been carefully devised and given the green light by legal experts.
  • Fixed terms mean representatives will always be accountable.
  • The Voice would be a good mechanism through which to negotiate Truth and Treaty processes with the Commonwealth. 
  • Parliament, and by extension the Australian people, would still hold the ultimate say over what becomes law.


  • It's symbolic, and fixing systemic issues facing Indigenous communities would require a body with actual power. 

‘It’s symbolic” is opinion only. 

  • Governments can ignore its advice if they don't like it.

Governments already do this and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • The Voice adds race to the constitution.

What’s wrong with acknowledging reality - Aboriginals are not only another race just as are Asians and Europeans but are our Original race in Australia and deserve to be recognised and heard.

  • Because the Voice will be designed by parliament, future governments could change or sideline it.

Design it so that this doesn’t happen.

  • Indigenous people already have a voice via an unprecedented level of Indigenous representation in parliament.

Aboriginals no more speak with one voice than do the rest of us. Representatives come and go while ‘The Voice’ would remain.

  • Truth and Treaty should come before the Voice. 

Why? Says who and based on what - other than opinion? 

which war - Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine? - end result? 


The lines are getting longer

For the poor and the dispossessed

As the men about the kitchen

juggle sauce for more is less


And it’s nowhere near better

As the vultures hold and swoop

On the nearest hapless fellow

drinking cruelty  soup ‑ cruelty soup


Hi ho ‑ here we go

Another cup of soup you beknighted blighter

Hi ho ‑ here we go

No bread roll ‑ draw your belt in tighter

Hi ho ‑ here we go

Have you got the strength left to be a fighter


Toodle ‑oodle ooo ‑ ‑ Toodle ‑oodle ooo


The beat is getting stronger

As the war drums coalesce

And the call goes out for heroes

Nothing more and nothing less


And they’ll say the fight is sacred

And they’ll say that we are right

And they’ll want to shock and awe you

 Into...... “ Darkness is Light” ‑ “Darkness IS Light.”


Hi ho ‑ here we go

It’s not just happening in a far off country

Hi ho ‑ here we go

Take a look around we’re the hundreth monkey

Hi ho ‑ here we go

How long .............. how long ....  How long ....... how long

Will this go on......... The lines are getting longer and they’re getting out of line.   


letter to editor 

It was a brief mention on the ABC radio, non specific, only heard once but enough for me to look it up. ‘Carbon footprint’ is a phrase that we recognise but from where that phrase came isn’t recognised. Here is what I found and quoting Wiki.

“The use of household carbon footprint calculators originated when oil producer BP hired Ogilvy to create an "effective propaganda" campaign to shift responsibility of climate change-causing pollution away from the corporations and institutions that created a society where carbon emissions are unavoidable and onto personal lifestyle choices. The term "carbon footprint" was also popularized by BP.”

That was a surprise to learn but not totally unexpected.

The state of the changing climate is not your fault. The fact that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change hasn’t recognised the immense part that our star, the sun, plays when ‘climate modelling’ is undertaken beggars belief but so it is. The IPCC, from its own website, came into existence specifically to advance scientific knowledge about climate change caused by human activities. 

There is no such thing as ‘Scientific consensus’ nor does the phrase ‘The science is settled’ hold any meaning. As for being a ‘Climate Denier’ – define it. It’s another phrase used to stifle questioning. 

Serious absurdity 

Nothing money – printed out of thin air.

For me, it was Eustace Mullins who first exposed the inner workings of a cabal of bankers regarding the formation of the Federal Reserve. 

‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’ is the lurid title of a work by G. Edward Griffin exposing the same sordid story.

Central Banking or rather having a system of Central Banks who all work together, ostensibly to create some semblance of order within the monetary system that the world uses, has failed dismally and continues to do so. The Federal Reserve is a Central Bank with a title designed to mislead. Ultimately these are privately owned enterprises and a matter that few dare to question.

It matters that I understand.

The Emergency Powers that the U.S. put in place after 9/11 remain in place and every President ‘signs off’ on their continuance. 

There are very sound reasons why Architects, Engineers, Pilots and more question the official story – it’s threadbare and the villains remain.

The proxy war between the U.S. and Russia becomes ever more dangerous as fighter jets are offered to Ukraine.

And yet it’s transgender issues which continually surface in the media. 

I cannot as a man wish myself into being a woman nor vice versa. No numbers of operations can change the D.N.A. – it doesn’t matter if I identify as a hippo and you agree for fear of offending my feelings – it isn’t going to happen.

As for the ongoing UFO activity worldwide, the official spin talks in terms of threat. Ho hum. If it were a threat it would have happened … unless 'as above, so below' holds true in the wider universe and also works the other way. Alien sociapaths to mirror our own?

Winter comes early to the mountains, Spring arrives late. We’re in Autumn and the tribe of TreeFerns in my garden are adorned with the red and blue of Rosellas who’ve taken to nibbling their way along the length of the individual fronds. I can only guess that they derive nourishment in the process but this is new behaviour and after thirty years of observation I wonder if our weakening magnetic field and the movement of our magnetic poles have some influence.

Why the cycles of the sun aren’t taken into account when it comes to climate change discussions is yet another matter where the narrative is woefully inadequate and deliberately so.

Anyway, a stage version of Monty Python is held up in production because the actors want Loretta written out of the script.

Morons - bit harsh - misguided or outright deceitful members of the woke madness.

Here’s the video of Stan who wants to be known as Loretta and gets a reality check. It's wonderful.