Magnetic Pole shift 

Not a subject I often raise largely because there's little to nothing that can be done except to mentally prepare.

To understand this subject it helps to know that the Universe is electric and that it's electromagnetic forces rather than gravity that shape our existence.

Our Earthly magnetic pole is on the move - this information is easily found though not readily accepted - and this has profound effects upon all life on Earth.

I usually start my day with the three minute solar news from the Suspicious Observers channel. 

I link two videos below.


Now? Which aspect? 

I was in the garden looking for my carbon footprint and couldn’t find it anywhere until I retreated indoors, researched and discovered that BP – that well known oil company – wanted to take the focus for pollution away from the oil companies and place it on each and every one of us. They hired Ogilvy and Mather, a public relations company, and it was some bright spark there who came up with ‘Carbon Footprint.’ 

Brilliant – it’s all your fault. 

BP unveiled their ‘carbon footprint calculator’ in 2004. What less than innocent changes since? Emotional climate? Mental climate? Financial climate? Political and Religious climate? All in disarray.

Who would deny that the climate changes, that the cycles of the sun have a direct and profound influence upon the climate of every planet in this solar system – as witnessed and demonstrated by astronomers for those who care to look - yet it’s never mentioned when it comes to the incessant demands of a world hell bent on ‘net zero’, targets and agendas that are a grab bag of nonsense.

Computer models are useless if the sun isn’t part of the modelling yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change takes no account, blissfully ignorant, perhaps because it was set up to ONLY look at man-made pollution. 

What academic, professor or teacher would dare publicly to question the climate narrative when jobs are on the line and bills need be paid. Well – plenty do but they don’t get invited onto the BBC.

The fraud of all this is summed up in the ‘97% of scientists agree … .’ The quote was actually ‘97% of climate scientists agree … .’ but President Obama left out the word ‘climate’ when he quoted that nonsense and no-one with power corrected the error. The 97% was and remains false as minimal research shows.

There is no consensus in science, never has been, it’s always open to dispute or it isn’t science and becomes a dogma.

And that’s just one strand in the ‘Now’ of today.

Meanwhile horrors abound in Gaza, the world teeters on the brink and I don’t need to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – another nonsense phrase when acknowledging that conspiracies have always existed without the need to add ‘theory’ – to see collapse for many and not  a country anywhere in which ‘life goes on as normal.’

Ah ….. I spent months last year learning a phonetic version of Dafydd Iwan’s magnificent song ‘Yma o hyd.’ He tells the story, the Welsh history long forgotten, of a nation which has suffered much yet – ‘We’re still here … despite everything and everyone we’re still here.’

Living in Australia and deeply disheartened by this nation’s people’s response to a referendum which was modest and asked for Aboriginal people to be given a ‘Voice to Parliament.’ They voted ‘No.’

How applicable for the chorus of ‘Yma o hyd’ to resonate with Aboriginal … or Palestinian people for that matter.

Dafydd Iwan’s song, sung at Cardiff to a rapturous Rugby crowd, makes the hair on my arms stand up. My version is quieter.

Synchronicity – I’d not have known any of this Welsh history if it were not for the efforts of the BritainsHiddenHistory channel on youtube and, as I write this, the postman delivers a book, long awaited, detailing the migrations to Britain in that long distant past and written by Marchell Abrahams.

There are forces at work which raise the spirit in the darkest of times.

Yelling 'Black is White' as Israel does, does not make it so. It's a lie. 

letter to editor, not often written, not often printed.

“The war in Gaza – not a war but an ongoing slaughter - didn’t start with a Hamas attack on October 7th 2023. For decades Israel has held up a mirage of a possible two State solution and, holding all the power over the Palestinians, has done nothing to fulfill that promise. On the contrary, their settlers continue to steal land in the West Bank and are backed up by the State while the Gaza Strip is destroyed, the people starving, dead or maimed and this has been happening since the inception of the Zionist State of Israel. 

The brutality of Hamas is far outweighed by the actions of Israel both now and in the past.”

Meanwhile our craven leaders wring their hands, cry sorrow and bow to Israel with their actions.

Again and meanwhile, disasters continue everywhere and although things may look o.k. on the surface here in Australia  they’re not. We have ‘tofu construction’ in the building industry as does China – and how sorry I am that the Chinese people have been so robbed by their government that their society is collapsing just as their buildings do. It’s tragic. 

This is the culture that gave the world ‘The book of Changes, the I Ching,’ a cauldron of wisdom and common sense which has been open to guide the soul of China from ‘time immemorial.’ 

It recognises the Divine and is not used by the Communist Party of China.

The real Universe does not include Earth as the center of all creation 

Is there a graveyard for ancient gods? The Gods of ancient times have come and gone – the gods of Rome, Greece, Babylon do not reveal themselves - if they ever did. Something did - entities exist but their existence doesn't make them gods.

My beliefs affect my life, have some impact on those around me but that’s about the extent of it. Born into a Roman Catholic family it takes a lifetime to sort truth from lies and in the process my beliefs are revealed to be just that – belief and not born of experience.

Christ was as revolutionary in his time as he is now. I don’t need a virgin birth nor a resurrection, no heaven nor hell to focus my mind on the difference between right or wrong and if in fact the kingdom of God lies within and ‘love your neighbour and do unto others…’ is the foundation of character and ‘know oneself’ is a necessary directive then that’s sufficient for me and whether I go to the worms or to some other plane of existence upon my death is almost irrelevant. 

Along the way, the twists and turns of life, my sense of what an almighty God may be - never very clear- became crystalised as that consciousness which permeates the Universe and all of existence and whose motivation is love – not very satisfactory but sufficient for me and a far cry from the ancient gods of Earth. Perhaps they were real entities perhaps not but either way their common characteristic was that they needed to be appeased … or else!

The vile behaviour of Israel can’t be understood without examination of their claim that the territory that they occupy is given to them by God.

The Universe uses synchronicity to get my attention and so I’ve been reading about the introduction of Christianity to Britain, hundreds of years before Augustine arrived with his Papal doctrines and met with opposition by the long established British church.

I quote from Wilson and Blackett and have checked their references to biblical verses. They’re correct. The land that Israel claims was given to them by ‘God’ was not an empty land devoid of people.

“The destruction of Canaan”
“When Moses told the Hebrews that God had decided to give them the lands of Canaan to be their own, he also ordered them to carry out a complete genocide of total inhumanity. The instructions were that every city and village was to be captured and every human being: the old, the mature, the young, and the infants, of both sexes, had to be murdered.

Not only this, but also all the animals that belonged to these massacred people were also to be destroyed and all their property had to be burned. This was the holocaust in Canaan and no trace whatsoever of the previous rightful owners of these lands was to remain.

( Numbers 33: 50-56, Deuteronomy 20: 10-20, 25: 17-19, Joshua 24: 8-13.)

As recorded in the Christian Bible, some of the Hebrew tribes failed to carry out these evil instructions and they spared the lives of many of these condemned communities.

This is plainly recorded and they then used these conquered people whose lives were spared as second or third class persons and as non citizen slaves. These almost merciful actions were subsequently heavily criticised and condemned by the brutal priests of the god Yahweh.

If Yahweh is real and if this ‘god’ ordered his followers to carry out these disgusting massacres then one has to question why anyone would worship Yahweh-Jehovah. “

Quite so and no difference between these ancient gods and the equally ancient Yahweh-Jehovah.

In light of this then the inhumane actions of Israel today are understood for what they are – a continuation from ancient times and nothing to do with THE divine entity.

As for ‘ancient times’ – they’re not. A few thousand years is not ancient and in light of the tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation of the land in which I’ve been a guest they’re minimal.

I’m not a materialist – a spiritual being having a human experience is my understanding.


there was once a garden where ruins lie 

Can there be such a thing as a quiet uproar? Unrelenting propaganda shouts with desperate double standards apparent – my child’s life is worth more than yours. This is Israel’s stance in a measured slaughter that they try to dignify by calling it a war. 

Zionism, a political ideology closer to Nazism than is comfortable for most to recognise, is separate to Judaism as the Torah Jews in the short video below make clear.

As for Chosen people and the burden it places upon believers in this idea – it doesn’t mean you’re special, able to do whatever you want, destined to rule the world – human nature hasn’t been changed by virtue of this idea while birth and death come to all, special or not.

These are not issues fresh to my mind, a mind which has been occupied territory for decades. The truth is a fierce creature. Make any tribe a chosen people or a master race and the dehumanisation of others naturally follows and so it has been in recorded history and continues to be.

Anyway – both short videos below are very clear statements by those intimately involved in these matters.

I add my small voice and make way for them.



how craven our leaders are 

even a voice such as mine, tiny in influence, doesn't escape notice as an email arrives, vaguely threatening no doubt because I will speak out about the glaring deceits we're fed - in this case the horrors of Gaza, not a war, how can it be?

I don't know how long Chris Hedges' reports will continue to be seen. This is, as usual, a timely piece.

meanwhile there is a wider Universe 

Grief may well be close to universal within the human family but humanity is not. Witness the difference in views on Israel and the Palestinians. As to who has the power – it is Israel which controls and now cuts off water, food and electricity to the Gaza Strip. Starve the Palestinians if they don’t die of thirst first. “Failure of intelligence” doesn’t begin to describe the situation.

Who wrote Shakespeare …. Edward de Vere if the evidence is looked at but a thriving tourist trade exists around the man from Stratford. It’s a Disneyland version of reality just as is the treatment of the Welsh genealogies wherein the two King Arthurs lie. There are other issues where the truth is covered or voices silenced. 

The smoking gun of Building 7 on the day of 9/11, Britain’s hidden history and why it is so, and while climate change is real in the emotional and mental state of all our societies, CO2 is not the issue and never has been. 

NATO  had no reason to exist after the collapse of the Soviet Union but continues because other agendas work in which Ukraine is cannon fodder in a proxy war between the U.S.A. and Russia .… all these issues have lies covering truth.

Here in Australia the referendum regarding an advisory body designed to give Aboriginal Australians a voice is framed as something sinister. I don’t see the problem and voted yes. 

Difficult times, trials and tribulations. Nothing particularly new nor occurring by accident.


the remarkable Bradshaw paintings 

I came across mention of this rock art years ago - quite different to other rock art in Australia. The video below is old but new to me. Reminds of the New Zealand documentary ‘Skeletons in the cupboard’ which opened my eyes to a history of that country not much mentioned.