two bowls - China and America 

                  Cruelty Soup                        


The lines are getting longer

For the poor and the dispossessed

As the men about the kitchen

juggle sauce for more is less


And it’s nowhere near better

As the vultures hold and swoop

On the nearest hapless fellow

drinking cruelty  soup ‑ cruelty soup


Hi ho ‑ here we go

Another cup of soup you beknighted blighter

Hi ho ‑ here we go

No bread roll ‑ draw your belt in tighter

Hi ho ‑ here we go

Have you got the strength left to be a fighter


Toodle ‑oodle ooo ‑ ‑ Toodle ‑oodle ooo


The beat is getting stronger

As the war drums coalesce

And the call goes out for heroes

Nothing more and nothing less


And they’ll say the fight is sacred

And they’ll say that we are right

And they’ll want to shock and awe you

 Into...... “ Darkness is Light” ‑ “Darkness IS Light.”


Hi ho ‑ here we go

It’s not just happening in a far off country

Hi ho ‑ here we go

Take a look around we’re the hundreth monkey

Hi ho ‑ here we go

How long .............. how long ....  How long ....... how long

Will this go on......... The lines are getting longer and they’re getting out of line.   


                Two planes 


Two planes -three towers

Can’t get those images from out my head

Two planes three towers

A few thousand here then millions dead

I looked at it once and it wouldn’t go away

I looked at it twice and it was gone within days

Is it only the architects who question the rubble

where the towers used to be?

all fall down, free fall down - impossible


Two wars - no cause

No bringing of freedom to a soul

Not one - just blood

and the tears and the oil and the gold   

I looked at it hard and it wouldn’t go away

I looked hard again and it was gone within days

Is it only engineers who question the rubble

where the towers used to be?

all fall down, free fall down -impossible


Two planes - three towers

A conjurer’s trick to deceive

Who gains? Another tale

It’s only physics here revealed

all fall down, free fall down - impossible

A bit cool here - very pleasant 

A half truth is a lie no matter how much lipstick is applied. Memory of early Roman Catholic doctrine brings sins of commission and sins of omission to mind. The difference is there, it’s not academic nor dancing on the head of a pin.

A Trojan horse – most know of it – is not an example of a False Flag event, more an example of ‘Beware of enemies bearing gifts’ but the story of the U.S.S. Liberty is a false flag event which was exposed as such and faded from most memory. Easy to find this shameful incident and the disgraceful behaviour of President Lyndon Johnson. The survivors tell the story – there weren’t supposed to be any survivors and if that had happened the blame could then be placed elsewhere, onto another country. This is a False Flag event which didn’t quite come off as the perpetrators wished. Such is the deceit of Israel and such is the craven behaviour of the power elite of the U.S.A.

Quote Wikipedia:

“The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.”

The situation in Ukraine is not what it seems and America gets to fight Russia by proxy, a war unnecessary had the West not reneged on the unwritten but understood state of affairs when the Soviet Union broke up and which was that N.A.T.O. would not move any further eastwards towards Russia. There was no need for N.A.T.O. to exist with the fall of the U.S.S.R. but the military/industrial complex that we were all warned about coupled with the same mentality that brought wars to the Middle East  and then waves of refugees fleeing destroyed societies to an unprepared Europe still holds sway in the centres of power. Ukraine is much destroyed and its young men sacrificed, we come closer to world war and our Western leaders are so used to lies and half truths that they’re incapable of clear thinking and holding to some semblance of truth.


The grand chess board upon which the fate of nations is so casually disposed of. Sacrifice here, sacrifice there and it’s all strategy with long term goals in mind.

I have a chessboard on the table here. It shows a late position where both sides have lost most of their pieces, all sacrificed or blundered away over the ten years it’s taken to play this game. A friend on the other side of the continent and myself took up correspondence chess twenty years ago and this is the second game. It’s neither brilliant nor particularly well thought out, we write a letter when we’ve something to say and add a chess move with it. It keeps us in contact and has no wider implications – it’s a two dimensional game unlike the grand world chess board which is played in more than two dimensions, has huge implications and consequences, doesn’t take into account what is unknown and isn’t a ‘chess game’ when all is said and done. Moreover the players are largely inept and are puppets doing what they’re told with justifications added later.

Each day it’s the hottest day on record scream the mainstream media – or words to that effect. To say it’s nonsense is to invite ‘climate denier’ as an insult. How much CO2 is in the atmosphere? About 0.04% which is a figure most will not know. 

The Sun burps and belches in cycles, solar minimum, solar maximum, sun spot activity, it all changes and our magnetic field protecting the Earth from solar ejections is weakening. We are less protected from solar storms and are more vulnerable to real climate change. There’s nothing we can do about it and no money to be made informing the public of this reality. In the meantime careers are established, grants given and a whole industry is born whose very existence would become irrelevant if the truth were known. The ‘net zero’ type ideology which promotes electric vehicles obviously doesn’t know or chooses to ignore the Carrington Event of 1859, quoting Wikipedia:

“The Carrington Event was the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history, peaking on 1–2 September 1859 during solar cycle 10. It created strong auroral displays that were reported globally and caused sparking and even fires in multiple telegraph stations.”

If this happened now with the dependence we have on devices we’d be knocked back to horse and cart days. Half truths are indeed lies.  Enough said.

It’s a beautiful early Winter’s day, pearl grey sky, low temperature, almost no wind. The red and blue Rosella parrots are feeding contentedly on the TreeFern fronds – a behaviour which only started two winters ago. They’ve either gone a bit bonkers due to climate change or perhaps the weakening magnetic field is altering behaviour. 

There’s a lot of that about.


Ongoing in Gaza 

I’ve had my biblical three score years and ten … and a bit more, learnt very little and much of that has had to be discarded. In trying to understand how it is possible for Israel to continue its genocide in Gaza I can’t avoid the religion itself and so I looked back to the Old Testament, to when ‘God’ gave ‘the land’ to Israel. Not only was this land already occupied but this God commanded that if the occupants didn’t surrender they were to be slaughtered, every man, woman and child.

‘Oh – this explains how the present situation in Gaza now exists - just a following of old established practice.’ My second realisation was that the God of the Israelites is no more than a tribal god and bears no resemblance to the Universal and loving God that Christ testifies to.

Christianity and Judaism have nothing in common. Christianity has, at its core, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ and ‘Do unto others as you’d have done to yourself.’ Judaism is of a different character.

As for being a ‘Chosen People’ - this is a burden too great for any people.

There’s no hatred in anything I’ve said here and I have no sensible answer to give regarding Gaza. As has been stated, history is full of bloody conquest and all of us stand on ground upon which others once stood. I’m a guest here.

The moon that's avoided. 

The moon that’s avoided – it’s as though a firewall exists within our consciousness that allows for roughly 10% of our capacities to be used and – as for the rest? Unactivated.

I’ve had two UFO experiences … sightings … this doesn’t make me unusual nor does it make me special. Neither occurred in some changed field of consciousness, both experienced within our normally defined perception of reality, five senses used and that’s about it. Apart from awe and delight where one was lit up like a Christmas tree not far above my head and the other leaving me somewhat crestfallen. 

They’re both interesting stories, true insofar as I believe them to be true – as a sceptic would have it – but as for me, I don’t need belief to hold up or buttress what I experience and it doesn’t matter how well I relate those stories to others, they’re believed or not but, either way, the experience is mine alone.

And then there’s the high strangeness experiences which intrude on normal consciousness, not usually talked about for good reason.

Remote viewing holds my interest, not that I am able to do this myself. Ingo Swann is eloquent on the subject. Both the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. used and probably still continue to use people of Ingo Swann’s calibre.

As for the absurd nonsense put forth by the U.S. government regarding alien life … it’s absurd because this is not a new subject suddenly discovered in 2006 and of which arrive oddities we’ll now call U.A.P.’s, it’s been literally and metaphorically on the radar for many decades and pretending otherwise is a nonsense. It says a great deal about cognitive dissonance that an age old topic, derided for all of my lifetime, is now somewhat accepted as having reality and the public take very little notice. And yet, and yet – why?

The moon that’s avoided is the one for which, even after all these years, not much in the way of highly detailed photographs are available, the same moon which ‘rang like a bell’ for about an hour when, in 1969, Apollo 12 deliberately crashed the ascent stage of the lunar module onto its surface. Not suggesting that the moon is necessarily hollow and, of course, it’s ‘Pseudoscience’ which makes it dubious to even question ….  or so suggests WikIpedia, not known as the fount of all knowledge.

Does any of this matter when, as my dad once said, ‘What does it matter if aliens exist, I’ll still have to catch the 173 bus to work tomorrow.’ 

It all matters to me and a materialistic approach to life confines one to a sorry, unquestioning view. Just an opinion of course but how can that not be true. Question everything.

Britain’s hidden history is a case in point. The academic and generally accepted view is that there is no real history worth mentioning prior to the Romans. Thank God for a Welsh language, one in which very little has changed over time, it’s both oral and written, there is an obsession with genealogy and all of this details a history none of us were taught at school.

‘The Great Wastelands where it’s death to enter.’ so says Alan Wilson talking about the comet of 562 A.D. from which debris fell as it passed overhead across Britain, eventually also laying waste to parts of Bolivia. This emptying of the land of Britain with survivors relocating to Brittany and beyond was what allowed Angles, Saxons and Jutes to slowly move in.

I found a more than useful site and quoting from ‘The Bernician’ about the time perhaps a hundred years or so prior to the comet.

“Perhaps the best example of this pre-Comet civilization is the remarkable Laws of Dyvnwal Moelmud.”

“After an interregnum of some years, occupied by the contests of various claimants to the throne, Dyvnwal Moelmud, hereditary Duke of Cornwall, and the representative by both paternal and maternal descent, of the younger line of the Britan nidæ, was by general consent recognized Sovereign Paramount. His first act was to reduce to a Code the civil and international usages which the late commotions had disturbed. The Laws, thus systematized, are eminently distinguished for their clearness, brevity, justice, and humanity. They have come down to us in the Druidic form of Triads. We give a few examples.

“There are three tests of Civil Liberty,—equality of rights—equality of taxation—freedom to come and go.

There are three causes which ruin a State,—inordinate privileges—corruption of justice—national apathy.

There are three things which cannot be considered solid longer than their foundations are solid,—peace, property, and law.

Three things are indispensable to a true union of Nations, —sameness of laws, rights, and language.

There are three things free to all Britons,—the forest, the unworked mine, the right of hunting wild creatures.

There are three things which are private and sacred property in every man, Briton or foreigner,—his wife, his children, his domestic chattels.

There are three things belonging to a man which no law of men can touch, fine, or transfer,—his wife, his children, and the instruments of his calling; for no law can unman a man, or uncall a calling.

There are three persons in a family exempted from all manual or menial work—the little child, the old man or woman, and the family instructor.

There are three orders against whom no weapon can be bared—the herald, the bard, the head of a clan.

There are three of private rank, against whom no weapon can be bared,—a woman, a child under fifteen, and an unarmed man.

There are three things that require the unanimous vote of the nation to effect,—deposition of the sovereign—introduction of novelties in religion—suspension of law.

There are three civil birthrights of every Briton,—the right to go wherever he pleases—the right, wherever he is, to protection from his land and sovereign—the right of equal privileges and equal restrictions.

There are three property birthrights of every Briton,—five (British) acres of land for a home—the right of armorial bearings—the right of suffrage in the enacting of the laws, the male at twenty-one, the female on her marriage.

There are three guarantees of society,—security for life and limb—security for property—security of the rights of nature.

There are three sons of captives who free themselves,—a bard, a scholar, a mechanic.

There are three things the safety of which depends on that of the others,—the sovereignty—national courage—just administration of the laws.

There are three things which every Briton may legally be compelled to attend,—the worship of God—military service—and the courts of law.

For three things a Briton is pronounced a traitor, and forfeits his rights, emigration—collusion with an enemy —surrendering himself, and living under an enemy.

There are three things free to every man, Britain or foreigner, the refusal of which no law will justify,—water from spring, river, or well—firing from a decayed tree—a block of stone not in use.

There are three orders who are exempt from bearing arms,—the bard—the judge—the graduate in law or religion. These represent God and his peace, and no weapon must ever be found in their hand.

There are three kinds of sonship,—a son by marriage with a native Briton—an illegitimate son acknowledged on oath by his father—a son adopted out of the clan.

There are three whose power is kingly in law,—the sovereign paramount of Britain over all Britain and its isles —the princes palatine in their princedoms—the heads of the clans in their clans.

There are three thieves who shall not suffer punishment,—a woman compelled by her husband—a child—a necessitous person who has gone through three towns and to nine houses in each town without being able to obtain charity though he asked for it.

There are three ends of law,—prevention of wrong—punishment for wrong inflicted—insurance of just retribution.

There are three lawful castigations,—of a son by a father —of a kinsman by the head of a clan—of a soldier by his officer.

The chief of a clan when marshalling his men may strike his man three ways—with his baton—with the flat of his sword—with his open hand. Each of these is a correction, not an insult.

There are three sacred things by which the conscience binds itself to truth,—the name of God—the rod of him who offers up prayers to God—the joined right hand.

There are three persons who have a right to public maintenance—the old—the babe—the foreigner who cannot speak the British tongue.”

From R.W. Morgan’s History of Britain.

Reading that raised my spirits much as they did some years ago prior to a trip back to Wales after an absence of fifty years.

Enough of the venal behaviour of our collective leaders and a shabby establishment hell bent on war, profit and deceit and I look up from the computer screen and out through the window where the sun breaks through a wet Autumn day and illuminates the brilliant reds and yellows of dying leaves all set against the emerald green of TreeFern fronds.

The moon that’s avoided is precisely the one I wish to see.

Joining the dots 

If I’d been asked, until recently, what an etymologist does I might have hazarded a guess that it is someone who studies butterflies rather than someone who investigates the derivation of words. I have Marchell Abrahams to thank for clearing that up.

‘Clearing that up’ leads me to her remarkable book ‘The Great Migrations to Britain of 1527 B.C. and 485 B.C.’ This details a history, understood to be true by the British people until a revision of British history occurred post-1714 with introduction of the Hanovarian Kings.

Why such a revision should have been deemed necessary is already well covered and uncovered by Wilson and Blackett.

The history that Marchell reveals is much earlier than Hanovarian machinations and has, as a pivot point, Troy and its place in the great migrations when Albyne and, later, Brutus led their people across half the known world to settle in the land now known as Britain.

Worth noting that until Troy was discovered it was a relatively simple matter to dismiss Troy as legend and, thus, accepted British history can also be discarded.

With painstaking care and a forensic approach to her discipline, Marchell notes correspondences in language, in alphabet and in the layers of meaning within a word.

She follows the routes taken by these expeditions from Sumer to, eventually, Britain and when in Britain applies the same due diligence to the matters at hand.

Marchell presents the evidence, her conclusions in respect to who these wandering people were and where they came from are startling.

The history that we are told is a twin fable to ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ – a story where the shimmering garment is revealed as – nothing. 

Marchell, to quote in respect to her book, said this: 

“ …. at the very least I have restored the rags and shreds and tatters of our history to something approaching a recognisable garment.” 

Beautifully expressed as is the book.

As fate would have it, I came across a clear presentation the other day which put the Trojan War into a context which resonates with Marchell’s far reaching conclusions. That video is presented here.


Magnetic Pole shift 

Not a subject I often raise largely because there's little to nothing that can be done except to mentally prepare.

To understand this subject it helps to know that the Universe is electric and that it's electromagnetic forces rather than gravity that shape our existence.

Our Earthly magnetic pole is on the move - this information is easily found though not readily accepted - and this has profound effects upon all life on Earth.

I usually start my day with the three minute solar news from the Suspicious Observers channel. 

I link two videos below.


Now? Which aspect? 

I was in the garden looking for my carbon footprint and couldn’t find it anywhere until I retreated indoors, researched and discovered that BP – that well known oil company – wanted to take the focus for pollution away from the oil companies and place it on each and every one of us. They hired Ogilvy and Mather, a public relations company, and it was some bright spark there who came up with ‘Carbon Footprint.’ 

Brilliant – it’s all your fault. 

BP unveiled their ‘carbon footprint calculator’ in 2004. What less than innocent changes since? Emotional climate? Mental climate? Financial climate? Political and Religious climate? All in disarray.

Who would deny that the climate changes, that the cycles of the sun have a direct and profound influence upon the climate of every planet in this solar system – as witnessed and demonstrated by astronomers for those who care to look - yet it’s never mentioned when it comes to the incessant demands of a world hell bent on ‘net zero’, targets and agendas that are a grab bag of nonsense.

Computer models are useless if the sun isn’t part of the modelling yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change takes no account, blissfully ignorant, perhaps because it was set up to ONLY look at man-made pollution. 

What academic, professor or teacher would dare publicly to question the climate narrative when jobs are on the line and bills need be paid. Well – plenty do but they don’t get invited onto the BBC.

The fraud of all this is summed up in the ‘97% of scientists agree … .’ The quote was actually ‘97% of climate scientists agree … .’ but President Obama left out the word ‘climate’ when he quoted that nonsense and no-one with power corrected the error. The 97% was and remains false as minimal research shows.

There is no consensus in science, never has been, it’s always open to dispute or it isn’t science and becomes a dogma.

And that’s just one strand in the ‘Now’ of today.

Meanwhile horrors abound in Gaza, the world teeters on the brink and I don’t need to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – another nonsense phrase when acknowledging that conspiracies have always existed without the need to add ‘theory’ – to see collapse for many and not  a country anywhere in which ‘life goes on as normal.’

Ah ….. I spent months last year learning a phonetic version of Dafydd Iwan’s magnificent song ‘Yma o hyd.’ He tells the story, the Welsh history long forgotten, of a nation which has suffered much yet – ‘We’re still here … despite everything and everyone we’re still here.’

Living in Australia and deeply disheartened by this nation’s people’s response to a referendum which was modest and asked for Aboriginal people to be given a ‘Voice to Parliament.’ They voted ‘No.’

How applicable for the chorus of ‘Yma o hyd’ to resonate with Aboriginal … or Palestinian people for that matter.

Dafydd Iwan’s song, sung at Cardiff to a rapturous Rugby crowd, makes the hair on my arms stand up. My version is quieter.

Synchronicity – I’d not have known any of this Welsh history if it were not for the efforts of the BritainsHiddenHistory channel on youtube and, as I write this, the postman delivers a book, long awaited, detailing the migrations to Britain in that long distant past and written by Marchell Abrahams.

There are forces at work which raise the spirit in the darkest of times.

Yelling 'Black is White' as Israel does, does not make it so. It's a lie. 

letter to editor, not often written, not often printed.

“The war in Gaza – not a war but an ongoing slaughter - didn’t start with a Hamas attack on October 7th 2023. For decades Israel has held up a mirage of a possible two State solution and, holding all the power over the Palestinians, has done nothing to fulfill that promise. On the contrary, their settlers continue to steal land in the West Bank and are backed up by the State while the Gaza Strip is destroyed, the people starving, dead or maimed and this has been happening since the inception of the Zionist State of Israel. 

The brutality of Hamas is far outweighed by the actions of Israel both now and in the past.”

Meanwhile our craven leaders wring their hands, cry sorrow and bow to Israel with their actions.

Again and meanwhile, disasters continue everywhere and although things may look o.k. on the surface here in Australia  they’re not. We have ‘tofu construction’ in the building industry as does China – and how sorry I am that the Chinese people have been so robbed by their government that their society is collapsing just as their buildings do. It’s tragic. 

This is the culture that gave the world ‘The book of Changes, the I Ching,’ a cauldron of wisdom and common sense which has been open to guide the soul of China from ‘time immemorial.’ 

It recognises the Divine and is not used by the Communist Party of China.

The real Universe does not include Earth as the center of all creation 

Is there a graveyard for ancient gods? The Gods of ancient times have come and gone – the gods of Rome, Greece, Babylon do not reveal themselves - if they ever did. Something did - entities exist but their existence doesn't make them gods.

My beliefs affect my life, have some impact on those around me but that’s about the extent of it. Born into a Roman Catholic family it takes a lifetime to sort truth from lies and in the process my beliefs are revealed to be just that – belief and not born of experience.

Christ was as revolutionary in his time as he is now. I don’t need a virgin birth nor a resurrection, no heaven nor hell to focus my mind on the difference between right or wrong and if in fact the kingdom of God lies within and ‘love your neighbour and do unto others…’ is the foundation of character and ‘know oneself’ is a necessary directive then that’s sufficient for me and whether I go to the worms or to some other plane of existence upon my death is almost irrelevant. 

Along the way, the twists and turns of life, my sense of what an almighty God may be - never very clear- became crystalised as that consciousness which permeates the Universe and all of existence and whose motivation is love – not very satisfactory but sufficient for me and a far cry from the ancient gods of Earth. Perhaps they were real entities perhaps not but either way their common characteristic was that they needed to be appeased … or else!

The vile behaviour of Israel can’t be understood without examination of their claim that the territory that they occupy is given to them by God.

The Universe uses synchronicity to get my attention and so I’ve been reading about the introduction of Christianity to Britain, hundreds of years before Augustine arrived with his Papal doctrines and met with opposition by the long established British church.

I quote from Wilson and Blackett and have checked their references to biblical verses. They’re correct. The land that Israel claims was given to them by ‘God’ was not an empty land devoid of people.

“The destruction of Canaan”
“When Moses told the Hebrews that God had decided to give them the lands of Canaan to be their own, he also ordered them to carry out a complete genocide of total inhumanity. The instructions were that every city and village was to be captured and every human being: the old, the mature, the young, and the infants, of both sexes, had to be murdered.

Not only this, but also all the animals that belonged to these massacred people were also to be destroyed and all their property had to be burned. This was the holocaust in Canaan and no trace whatsoever of the previous rightful owners of these lands was to remain.

( Numbers 33: 50-56, Deuteronomy 20: 10-20, 25: 17-19, Joshua 24: 8-13.)

As recorded in the Christian Bible, some of the Hebrew tribes failed to carry out these evil instructions and they spared the lives of many of these condemned communities.

This is plainly recorded and they then used these conquered people whose lives were spared as second or third class persons and as non citizen slaves. These almost merciful actions were subsequently heavily criticised and condemned by the brutal priests of the god Yahweh.

If Yahweh is real and if this ‘god’ ordered his followers to carry out these disgusting massacres then one has to question why anyone would worship Yahweh-Jehovah. “

Quite so and no difference between these ancient gods and the equally ancient Yahweh-Jehovah.

In light of this then the inhumane actions of Israel today are understood for what they are – a continuation from ancient times and nothing to do with THE divine entity.

As for ‘ancient times’ – they’re not. A few thousand years is not ancient and in light of the tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation of the land in which I’ve been a guest they’re minimal.

I’m not a materialist – a spiritual being having a human experience is my understanding.