Architects and Engineers 

Time is askew, bent out of joint and the divergent point was September 11th 2001. 

The political world cannot be understood without a clear picture of what occurred on that day, what was covered up and why. 

The lyrics to ‘Two planes, three towers’ are about the laws of physics and not to be confused with a theory. 

Free fall and the implications. 


Two planes  ...    three towers 

Can’t get those images  from out my head 

Two planes  ...   three towers 

A few thousand here then millions dead 

 I looked at it once and it wouldn’t go away 

I looked at it twice and it was gone within days 

Is it only the architects who question the rubble 

where the towers used to be? 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible 

Two wars  ....  no cause 

No bringing of freedom to a soul 

Not one  ....  just blood 

and the tears and the oil and the gold          

I looked at it hard and it wouldn’t go away 

I looked hard again and it was gone within days 

Is it only engineers who question the rubble 

where the towers used to be? 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible 

Two planes  ...  three towers 

A conjurer’s trick to deceive 

Who gains?  ....  another tale 

It’s only physics here revealed 

.....  all fall down, free fall down ..... impossible



the shadow of that day - towers gone, shadow remains 

Synchronicity – a ‘thankyou‘ in the mail for a small donation to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth arrived which coincided with a youtube recommendation leading to the video below. 

It’s clear that the truth regarding THE event which changed the world and has led to unending wars was … engineered … and not by some bearded terrorists who could barely fly a Cessna. 

It may be clear to me but questioning the official narrative isn’t popular with most of my extended family, some of whom grew truculent at the very idea that there was anything to question at all. 

As the years go by it becomes apparent that, while I was fifty when 9/11 happened, many now living weren’t born or were small children and thus have no context regarding that day nor any obvious reason to look more deeply. 

This video is short and a quick scan of the comments bears out my thoughts. It’s sad and I’ve no wish to provoke conflict so I just added the bland comment below. 9/11 still matters and will always matter, horrible in implication though the truth may be. 

“How raw, how close to tears that pilot is while reliving that day. Much the same for millions of us. It was late night here in Australia when the defining event of our times unfolded. I watched for hours, Twin Towers fell and then Building 7. The University of Alaska, Fairbanks have recently finished a four year study into the collapse of Building 7 – a building most are unaware of. 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth – why would such an organisation need to exist – continue their sober assessments of every detail regarding those towers and their collapse. The truth is unpalatable.”

no time like the present - oh yes there is 

Autumn lands with a thud as it usually does up here where four seasons are clearly defined. The tribe of Treeferns, sixty strong, which are the immediate joy to the eye in this garden, were weakened by the long drought but, finally, the rains arrived, fell gently and long and regenerated the land. It’s different elsewhere. 

The deep blue/purple Tibouchinas flower late in the year. They’re more adapted to warmer climes but survive quite happily in a sheltered spot and their brilliant colour against the emerald green fronds of the Treeferns delight the heart. 

‘Toughen up’ and ‘Become resilient’ is the message I take from the Tibouchinas while time itself allows for that development to occur … or perhaps not. They can still get burnt by the frost and winter cold – the sheltered spot, in the beginning, is the key. 

Meanwhile the bulbs of daffodil, snowdrop, jonquil and grape hyacinth appear and a whole cycle continues. Polyanthus, rescued in high summer and replanted deep in some shade, are now good sized and ready to be replanted into the beds of winter sun and where, to my lifelong amazement, they happily flower in the snow. 

Autumn jobs are done which is just as well as winter wind is unpleasant to work in. 

It’s a garden report in a time of ‘social isolation’ … and happening just as I was getting used to the idea of ‘socialising.’ 

Been revisiting the works of Alan Wilson and place a video below. His version of early British history is not accepted by academia but that doesn’t indicate that he is factually wrong. Academics are notorious for jealously guarding the status quo which allowed them a position in the first place. 

I’m only sorry that his meticulous research is so poorly known. He tells a remarkable story and backs it up.


Are you sirius? 

There is no ‘normal’ to go back to. That ‘normal’ had money being printed out of thin air which was then used to bail out the ‘Banks too big to fail’ and is now being dispensed by our governments to the population – if we’re ‘lucky’ - but for us ‘normal’ people it still has to be paid back with real labour and effort. If the money is printed out of thin air then let’s just pretend to pay it back. It’s pretend money. 

In the ways in which ‘normal’ was beautiful in patches, behind the scenes it was also a tawdry ‘normal’ already slowly collapsing, as it would, because society has been eaten away until only a shell remains. 

Anyway and regardless, everything is changed by some variety of lock down that we must all get used to while in the background and ready to roll out are the Apps designed to track our movements. 

‘Just in case’ …. and because this virus shows no signs of abating these Apps are probably here to stay and so become the harbingers of a totalitarian world … internal passports are being mooted and, for now, rejected but it’s another sign of what humanity is supposed to embrace. The liberties gone because of ‘wars on terror’ and ‘wars on drugs’, neither of which can ever be ‘won’ enough for those liberties to be restored. Divide and conquer. 

If virus and a broken economic system aren’t enough to cow us all into a submissive state then there’s always the threats from space, meteor bombardment or an alien invasion which will truly demand that we all toe the line. 

Perhaps most or many people do accept the idea of alien life – there’s certainly enough evidence of visitation here on Earth for those who care to look yet there’s still an attitude of derision about the subject – why should that be? As for invasion – it hasn’t happened. Why would it. 

Situation not normal. 

Meanwhile I’ve the comparative luxury of a garden to work within, the Autumn tasks, the preparation for winter here, the rearranging of plants with an eye on the next Spring. 

The Death of Stalin – it doesn’t sound too cheerful but it was a thoughtful joy of a film to watch, a black comedy illustrating just how absolute power corrupts almost everyone below that corrupted pinnacle. 

It’s the way in which pretty much all constructive work gets confounded by the need to please the whims of an all glorious leader for whom bad news requires shooting the messenger rather than addressing the issue. It plays out in China, North Korea, the old Soviet Union and East Germany.   

That system debases all involved but the surveillance methods are now embraced by the ‘free’ world. 

‘Powers and Principalities’ – that phrase means something real within the spiritual and material world. No wonder that spiritual teachers give such weight to developing an ethical framework not only for a personal sense of some semblance of peace of mind but to avoid being tossed and turned by the ongoing ocean of lies and deceit which beset humanity regardless of the time in which we live.


now and then 

‘Now’ becomes ‘then’ immediately or otherwise depending on the breadth in time of the ‘now’. In terms of working within the obvious dictates of the changing seasons, the garden gets an Autumn overhaul and what hasn’t worked in one spot gets moved to sunnier climes – this happens with some red currant bushes and leaves space to turn over and refresh that soil in preparation for planting a garden bed of garlic – I had to transplant many Dutch Irises for this whole procedure to work and this too required some thought. 

It’s very satisfying, creative work/play. 

Mid April and I’m a year off seventy, the three score years and ten allotted biblically. The human world is in shut down with the cascading effects you’d expect. Collectively and in social isolation we hold our breath and hope … for some sense of normal to return. 

Can’t see it happening. 

China is being stared at with questions asked. Rightly so yet the prevailing conditions make it relatively easy for governments everywhere to look at China’s use of facial recognition and social credit scores, all used to keep their population in line and quiescent, and those governments must be looking at this with something akin to a sense of envy. 

It’s sinister. I feel very fortunate to live in Australia yet authoritarian voices are raised and heard to a point where common sense is in danger of taking a backseat – police chasing a solitary woman along a beach deserted of all but the woman taking the exercise. 

5G is being rolled out at pace to keep informed and amused those locked to their devices. In 1859 we had the Carrington Event when a solar flare set telegraph wires alight disrupting society. If it happened now it would change everything regarding internet and much more. 

Can’t dwell on that. 

In the now that I inhabit I still play music, listen to remarkable voices via youtube, keep physical, take walks and drink beer. Probably doesn’t amount to much but it’s honest.


A lovely message from the other side of the world, 

“Dear David, a happy birthday to you. If the weather was like this when you were born it was cold, 6 degrees, but very pleasant, the sun was shining, the sky blue with large puffy clouds, daffodils, primroses, new spring green in the trees: all very joyful and optimistic.” 

I looked it up on and – blow me down – it WAS 6 degrees, breezy and sunny on the day and at the place where I was born. A few relatives checked their birthdays and found the weather much the same as today – as it’s not actually their birthday the weather report isn’t as specific. 

If I hadn’t been aware of ‘climategate’, the focus on both temperature records and the dastardly CO2 issue then I wouldn’t have thought of checking. The Sydney Observatory has temperature records going back to the mid 1800’s which show almost no change in temperature, as the seasons change. 

Anyway, the climate HAS changed with the weather aspect of climate being eclipsed by the social, financial, emotional and mental climates now existing by virtue of a virus. 

Clif High says it’s a bioweapon. Perhaps he’s right. Not sure that it matters if the end result is a new world order complete with digital currency, social credit scores and a way of being incompatible with any concept of freedom. 

China Uncensored and Serpentza have their differing ‘takes’ on China so it’s great to find them together. Here’s a link. 

The garden is all shades of green, it’s lush with the late summer and early autumn rains replacing the hideous bushfire season just passed with its wilting effect on the land. Flowers didn’t bloom, fruit didn’t appear but it’s as though nature just held its breath for a moment before taking advantage of changing conditions. And all the green things inhale CO2 and exhale Oxygen which I breathe in. 

I go for my walks and see few people. I go early and it’s Autumn chilly so not too surprising but later in the day more people are out. I won’t be giving up my walks. 

A delightful musical video below.